Concussion and Cannabinoids Research

Concussion and Cannabinoids Research

To study the impact of incorporating cannabinoids into a specific treatment protocol for elite athletes suffering from “concussion syndrome” and their ability to functionally integrate into their world.

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Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) and Neeka Health Canada (NHC), in partnership with National Hockey League Alumni Association (NHLAA), is undertaking a transformative clinical research effort that features an elite cohort of individuals, many of whom are Canadian sports heroes and household names for most of us!

Functional Integration:

Some of these, once high performing elite athletes, have developed progressive neurocognitive impairments representing a constellation of conditions ranging from depression, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and progressive dementia from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE); historically, these have clustered together into a nebulous and ill-defined syndrome called “concussion”. The culmination of these mental health impairments results in debilitating limitations in their ability to cope with their environment and integrate with their world, a term we have coined as “functional integration” of an individual into society. This can result undue stress on their family and support network and may even lead to reliance on medication and opioids as a coping mechanism.

These mental health and neurocognitive conditions are not restricted exclusively to this group; but rather, the NHLAA represent an ideal cohort for this effort, given that they are a highly afflicted population with accelerated issues, the treatment of which could help many others.  The lessons from this high risk and highly impacted population would be directly applicable to those in our community suffering from similar, albeit milder, mental health conditions.

In short, this functional integration (“concussion”) research collaboration between Canopy Growth, Neeka Health Canada and the NHLAA is considered a true legacy project, not only for the elite athletes, but also for our broader community with potential hope for friends and family that are also impacted.