Melanie Fukui, MD

EXPERTISE: Neuro Imaging, Next Generation Neuroradiology Service Delivery Modeling, Neural Network Imaging.

Dr. Melanie Fukui is a Neuroradiologist with over two decades of experience. She has served as the Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery at Alleghany hospital and currently is the Director of Neuroradiology at the Aurora Neurosciences Institute. Melanie is a pioneer in her field having been recently recognized in the Academy of Radiology for a novel clinical translational model of service deliver that was featured in ACR 3.0. Melanie has a unique experience and has been one of the pioneers in developing a practical understanding of the architecture of the subcortical human neural network. She is arguably, the most experienced Neuroradialogist in a specific 3D planning soft-ware system to map the subcortical space and has authored a defining paper in the field: The Human White Matter Chassis.